Back Support Belt with Heating Pad For Back Pain

Incredi-Belt + Incredi-Heat

Incredi-belt - Inflatable Lumbar Support

Incredi-belt provides targeted support to improve posture and help reduce lower back stress and muscle strain. Our proprietary design helps correct mechanical back pain that results from failure to maintain the S-curve of the lower spine

Plus Incredi-Heat Pad

Portable USB-powered infrared heating pad provides convenient warmth on-the-go and therapeutic heat therapy to ease muscle strain and relieve pain.

Designed to work together for unmatched pain relief

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      Product features:

      • Portable & Feather-light
      • Moves with Your Body
      • Firm, Even Support
      • Single Breath Inflation
      • Customized Firmness
      • Water-resistant Exterior

      Product description:

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      Travel case
      Belt DimensionsFabricHardware
      Length =
      Height =
      Weight =
      Fabric:TPU and Polypropylene Webbing 
      Polyester CoveringStraps:Polyester Webbing
      Buckle: ABS
      Air Pump: TPU
      Valve: TPU
      Lower Back Pain
      Muscle Recovery

      If you’re searching for a drug-free, quick and easy back-pain solution, don’t look any further than the amazing Incredi-belt.


      “Everyone can benefit from wearing the Incredi-belt! I recommend it to anyone with lumbar distress.”

      Dr. Craig Keoshian, DC

      “My mother-in-law has a degenerative muscular disorder that influences her deeper stabilizing muscles and finds the Incredi-belt comfortable and LOVES that she can lie down with it.”

      Dr. Carol Passarelli, PT, DP

      "The Incredi-belt helps maintain lumbar spine lordosis and helps decrease pressure and strain to the spine when seated and is adjustable with movement to all people’s and chair’s sizes."

      Dr.Canan Asher, PT, DPT

      Get Your Incredi-belt and Incredi-heat Today!

      "I recommend it to anyone with lumbar distress." - Dr. Craig Keoshian, DC

      Stop Slouching Now!

      The incredi-belt and incredi-heat system offers back pain relief in seconds.

      Are you frustrated by the fact that your lower back is in pain at all times? Check out this revolutionary lumbar support system to discover the #1 way you can relieve lower back pain. The Incredi-belt and Incredi-heat unlock the secret to reducing lower back stress in seconds. Not only will this system alleviate pain, it helps improve your posture! Rather than trying expensive and invasive ways to alleviate back pain, consider purchasing our revolutionary lumbar support system.


      The Incredi-belt Difference

      Portable & Feather-light

      With this portable lumbar support system, you can access comfortable support wherever you go. The Incredi-belt comes with a lightweight travel case that will allow you to keep your system safe no matter where you go! Our innovative design allows you to experience comfort during long commutes, tiring work days, or in the comfort of your home.The feather-light design allows for unrestricted movement.

      Moves With Your Body

      When you struggle with back pain, there is often discomfort whether you are sitting, standing, or laying down. Office workers are thrilled to finally have a lumbar support system that can attach to their body or to a chair. Since the Incredi-belt and Incredi-heat are designed to move alongside your body, you can continually improve your posture and correct back pain throughout the day!

      Firm, Even Support

      Are you tired of spending time and money testing products that don’t actually work? The Incredi-belt and Incredi-heat provide firm and even support throughout the entire lower back. This product is designed to alleviate the back pain that results from spending long days in an office chair. In addition, this innovative system helps correct mechanical back pain so that you experience an improvement in your posture.

      Single Breath Inflation

      With this well-designed lumbar support system, you no longer have to spend hours trying to build a complicated chair. The Incredi-belt quickly inflates with an air pump or a single breath. Since this solution is easy to use, you can utilize it whether you are at work or on the go! After inflation, the Incredi-belt is able to be adjusted for optimal comfort and fit.

      Incredi-belt &

      The Most Customizable, Versatile and Transportable Lumbar Support System In the World

      Designed to move with your body, Incredi-belt provides, targeted support so you can reduce lower back stress and muscle strain in any position. Lift, sit or stand in unbeatable comfort with the benefits of Incredi-belt.

      Lumbar support doesn't need to be complicated or costly

      The incredi-belt and incredi-heat system offers back pain relief in seconds.

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      Lumbar support that’s GUARANTEED
      to fit you perfectly anytime, anywhere

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      Unparalleled Support And Unbeatable Comfort Anywhere You Need

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      Dynamic Support

      Moves with body, supplies consistent corrective aid.


      Cushioned Support

      Softly pads body contact points.



      Allows unrestricted
      movement and breathing.



      Customize firmness and placement of support.


      Universal Fit

      Support positioned perfectly for petite to large body frames.


      Sleep Compatible

      Suitable for both seated and reclined positions.


      Memory Foam Cushion

      Bulky and non adjustable

      No Individual customization


      Compression Back Brace

      Tight wrap impedes breathing and traps sweat

      Not comfortable for extended wear


      Flexible Chair Support

      Too rigid

      No individual customization


      Lumbar Roll

      Only supportive in single fixed position

      No individual customization


      Rigid Posture Corrector

      Annoying pressure points.

      Slips off seat when you move


      Incredi-belt FAQs

      How wide does Incredi-belt expand?

      Incredi-belt fits waist sizes between 22 and 50 inches, or 56 to 127 centimeters.

      How do I inflate Incredi-belt?

      Open the gray inflation valve lid. Pinch either side of the valve and blow into it or pump the purple manual air pump until you reach the desired firmness. Seal the valve lid. To release air pressure, open gray valve lid and depress the button in the middle of the valve. Always seal valve lid to prevent air leakage.

      How do I fully deflate Incredi-belt?

      To deflate Incredi-belt, lay it flat. Starting from the buckle, roll Incredi-belt up while pressing the button in the center of the inflation valve to release all air. Once Incredi-belt is completely rolled up, simply slip into the convenient travel case and go!

      How do I wash Incredi-belt?

      Don’t machine wash Incredi-belt—simply wipe the water-resistant exterior with a damp cloth for easy cleanup.

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