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#1 Travel Neck Pillow

"The patented strap system can strap onto any airline/train/bus seat, preventing your head from falling forward and allowing your head, neck, and spine to remain in neutral alignment. The Evolution S3 is also super compact, can reduce to 1/3 of its size, and comes with its own travel case that can snap on to your carry-on or backpack to keep out yucky germs." - Ode Magazine

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All in the Straps

"I loved that the design lifts up higher in the middle; that's exactly where I need more support. And the headrest attachment straps worked well for me because I could actually position the pillow a bit above my shoulders.” - Travel + Leisure

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Fog-Free Face Mask Booster

"After ten minutes, my 3 colleagues thoughts are unanimous: no more mist and the mask no longer slips. Like me, they will happily wear their masks all day long and I tell myself that maybe I have become their hero, but they will never dare to admit it to me." - Techno Konbini

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