What is Cabeau Club?

Like fight club, but no fighting… and you can tell everyone about it.

There aren’t many cool travel clubs. There’s the mile high-club, sure. But apparently that’s got some weird initiation ritual. At Cabeau, we believe in rewarding the most savvy travelers with something better than free peanuts - no initiation required.

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Join Cabeau's loyalty and rewards program completely free, no initiation and no hoops to jump through!

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Be the first to know about the latest in Cabeau Experiences! Includes exclusive discounts and product announcements.

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We're still recovering from last year's yacht party - being a member means access to exclusive parties Cabeau throws near you!

Lifetime Replacement*

*Replace your travel pillow once a year for life, no matter what. Once a product is registered within 30 days of purchase, this benefit will be activated for you as a Cabeau Club member.

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Bragging Rights, Cabeau Rewards

We're so excited you own a Cabeau product, but we love our Cabeau loyalists to the max! Look out for future rewards for sharing with all the travelers you know!

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