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Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
Evolution S3® Neck Pillow
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Evolution S3® Neck Pillow

Evolution S3® Neck Pillow

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Traveling is hectic enough. Neck strain and crappy sleep shouldn't be an additional toll.
  • Raised Side Supports
  • Slim Flattened Back
  • Seat Strap System
  • Memory Foam Core
  • Adjustable Clasp
  • Removable, Washable Cover
Color: Indigo
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Product Description

Introducing Evolution S3® — the world’s best engineered neck pillow. Our innovative Seat Strap System eliminates head drop, neck strain and the instinctive "whiplash" response to reopen obstructed airways. Wrap the straps around the headrest area of your plane seat, gaming chair or theater seat to secure your head in place.

  • Raised side supports prevent lateral movement or "bobblehead" and keep you from drooling on your seat mate's shoulder.
  • The thin, flatback ensures perfect spine alignment, relaxes your back and releases tension that overstrains neck and shoulder muscles.
  • An adjustable front clasp customizes fit for individual comfort.
  • Our premium memory foam core is protected by a moisture-wicking, machine-washable cover that keeps your neck dry and stays fresh-looking.
  • Pillow compacts to half its size in an included compact case that attaches to backpacks or carry-ons for critical space savings. 

What’s in the Box?

Evolution S3 Neck Pillow
Evolution Travel Pillow Bag


Neck Pain
Muscle Recovery
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“Cabeau Evolution S3 is the Goldilocks of travel pillows”.

“The only travel pillow you should ever consider buying.”

“Amazing and comfortable pillow!”

“The best neck pillow with most comfort”

“You can tell when a product is designed with care”

Find out why happy travelers everywhere are raving about the one-of-a-kind Evolution S3!

Don’t Just Take It From Us... 300+ Satisfied Customers

Evolution S3

How to use

Step 1

Unfold the Straps

Unhook straps from the pillow and pull them out of the buckles.
Step 2

Connect to your seat

Pull straps up and around the headrest. Attach the strap ends to each other using the velcro tab ends.
Step 3

Rest and Relax

Slip into your secured pillow and use the adjustable front clasp for the perfect fit.

Evolution S3 Features

Maintain perfect spine and neck alignment for pain-free comfort with Evolution S3. The patented seat straps secure to the seat so you can rest easy on planes, during road trips, at the office or relaxing at home.

The Cabeau Difference

Raised Side Supports

Raised Side Supports Stop lateral “bobblehead” movement.

Seat Strap System

Prevents head drop for unrestricted breathing.

Machine-Washable, Removable Cover

Eliminates bacteria, dust-mites and odors.

Adjustable Clasp

Customizable fit for most neck sizes.

Includes Attachable Bag

Reduces to Small Travel Size

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I wash Evolution S3?
Machine wash the fabric pillow cover on cool settings and tumble dry low. Don’t bleach, iron or dry clean. Don’t wash the memory foam insert—simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and let air dry.
How do I attach Evolution S3 to an airplane seat?
Unhook straps from the pillow and pull them fully out of the buckles. Then, pull straps up and around the post connecting the headrest to the seat. Attach the strap ends to each other using the hook and loop tape tabs. If there isn’t a headrest with posts, simply wrap the pillow straps around the width of the seat and attach the end of the straps together in a large circle behind the seat back.
Why can’t I use Evolution S3’s head straps in vehicles?
Securing a pillow of any kind to an automobile’s headrest can interfere with the vehicle’s safety features. Avoid clasping the pillow in front in moving vehicles.
How do I use Evolution S3’s front adjustable toggles?
Simultaneously push in and hold the buttons on the outside, and then slide the toggle up to tighten or down to loosen. To pull the two halves of the toggle apart, press the button in the middle of the toggle. To reconnect, press together the male and female toggle ends until they engage.
How do I pack Evolution S3 into the travel case?
Starting at one end, roll the pillow inward, condensing the foam as you go. Roll into a cinnamon roll shape, place it in the bag, and zip closed. Use the straps on the case to clip it to your luggage.
Can children under 13 use Evolution S3?
Evolution S3 is designed for adults, with proper support for larger heads and necks. It is too big to properly support children under 13.

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