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The Insatiable Traveler Loves Our Fold ‘N Go Blanket and Travel Case™

We have a new fan! The Insatiable Traveler‘s Susan Portnoy can’t say enough great things about our Fold ‘N Go Blanket and Travel Case™. We are delighted that she has discovered our ultra-soft fleece blanket and hope that it brings her many hours of snuggly warmth and comfort on all her travels. Check out her terrific words of praise:

“When I get on a plane, especially for an international flight, I like to bring things that will make me as cozy as possible. Not just comfortable, but cozy. There is a difference. The former is physical, the latter is emotional. Cut to the Fold ‘N Go Blanket and Travel Case, which I found running through JFK one morning picking up last minute essentials (water, lip balm, granola bar) for a 16 hour flight to South Africa.

fold n go grey blanket

I typically use the blanket in the case as a pillow, many times for my lower back because that’s where I tend to get sore on long flights. The shmooshiness of the Cabeau gives me the perfect amount of support without pushing me too far forward. I can’t tell you how many pillows I’ve tried along the way, and I HATE those inflatable concoctions – just not comfortable in my book. The blanket is dreamy too, big (60 x 36) and soft – and did I mention that it was cozy?”

Measuring a generous 60” x 36”, the Fold ‘N Go Blanket is made from buttery-soft fleece, covering you in cozy comfort from chin to toes. It also comes with its own fleece travel bag, which includes a detachable handle that can strap to your luggage or carrying bag. When packed in its case, the Fold ‘N Go Blanket can also be used as a cozy pillow, seat cushion or lumbar support.

Cabeau, one of the fastest travel companies on the market, has consistently pioneered innovative products that offer affordable comfort for all, enabling travelers to arrive at their destination fully rested and refreshed. To learn more about our entire line of comfort travel products, or to purchase the Fold ‘N Go Blanket and Travel Case for just $19.99, please visit the Cabeau website at

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