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Get Into VIP Lounges Every Time You Fly

Airport lounges are a bit of a mystery to those who have never had the opportunity to wait in one. Access to free food, drinks, Wi-Fi, and comfortable chairs while you wait for your next flight sounds like the best way to start (or continue) a trip. Typically, these lounges are for 1st and business …

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4 Reasons Why The Evolution S3 Will Change How You Fly For Life

  We all love to go on vacation. But how many of us love the ride that it takes to get there? With cramped seats, stiff pillows, and shaky flights, going on a vacation can feel like anything but—especially if you’re sore and tired by the time you get to your destination. 77% of travelers …

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The Insatiable Traveler Loves Our Fold ‘N Go Blanket and Travel Case™
We have a new fan! The Insatiable Traveler‘s Susan Portnoy can’t say enough great things about our Fold ‘N Go Blanket and Travel Case™. We are delighted that she has discovered our ultra-soft fleece blanket and hope that it brings her many hours of snuggly warmth and comfort on all her travels. Check out her terrific words of praise:

“When I get on a plane, especially for an international flight, I like to bring things that will make me as cozy as possible. Not just comfortable, but cozy. There is a difference. The former is physical, the latter is emotional. Cut to the Fold ‘N Go Blanket and Travel Case, which I found running through JFK one morning picking up last minute essentials (water, lip balm, granola bar) for a 16 hour flight to South Africa.

Our Memory Foam Evolution Pillow Earns High Marks from Smarter Travel

The results are in: two 7s out of 10, two 8s out of 10, and a whopping 10 out of 10! Caroline Morse of Smarter Travel loves our Memory Foam Evolution Pillow, proclaiming in a recent post, “Other flyers will be jealous of your memory foam comfort.” Declaring it “much more comfortable than the standard inflatable travel pillow,” Morse describes our pillow as “well-designed, with raised side supports to keep your head from falling to the side.” Awarding the Evolution Pillow high marks for Usefulness, Portability, Durability, and Cool Factor, she then gave it a perfect 10 for Value, calling it “a great deal.” We are thrilled at the terrific review! Morse’s article is reproduced below, or you can read it on the Smarter Travel site by clicking here.


Looking for the Best Sleeping Mask? Try the Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask on for Size

Are you the type of person who requires total darkness to sleep ––or to even catch a quick nap? If so, you’re not alone, and like many others who find it difficult to catch any shut eye when the surrounding environment is too bright, you probably dread trying to sleep while you’re traveling. Whether you’re …

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Travel Destination Pick of the Week – BALI

Guest blogger Ian Thornley writes about our destination of the week: Bali.

SUPER BOWL WEEKEND: Our Houston Insider’s favorite restaurants
Our Houston insider's favorite restaurants if you only have one weekend in Houston.