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How can I stay comfortable while working from home?

How to stay comfortable when working from home

When was the last time you were at the office? Do you miss combatting traffic or rushing out the door to arrive at work on time? Understandably, most people don’t, but you can still enjoy the ergonomic comfort available at the office, while making your home workspace feel more like a sanctuary and less like a remote cell.

If you’re suffering from neck or back pain when working from home or on the occasional venture into the office, we have tips and solutions that could provide the relief you’re seeking.

Do you know Cabeau provides the ergonomic support you need to eliminate many common orthopedic ailments? Check out our doctor recommended therapeutic neck pillows and the Incredi-Belt™ lumbar support right now. 

My neck hurts when sitting in front of a screen: What can I do?

Most people who work from home spend the majority of the day in front of digital screens and may not always maintain the best posture while seated for hours at a time. This directly impacts neck muscles, causing tension, strain and potentially severe pain. Here are a few ideas to better support your neck when working from home:

  • Place the monitor directly in front of you at eye level. Avoid placing monitors too high or too low.
  • Try using a laptop riser or standing desk.
  • Don’t place your laptop computer on your lap or legs unless you can view the screen from eye level.
  • Relax your shoulders when working.
  • Take a break at least every hour to stand up and stretch.

Can a neck pillow provide the support I need?

If you are serious about taking neck support and comfort to the next level, a quality neck pillow can provide additional help. Evolution® therapeutic neck pillows from Cabeau are designed to keep your neck and head in neutral alignment with the spine. These orthopedic surgeon-endorsed pillows are ideal for improving posture and mitigating neck pain caused by extended time in front of screens.

Cabeau has several solutions available right now including the world’s best engineered neck pillow, the Evolution S3® neck pillow. Evolution S3® benefits that are ideal for a WFH lifestyle are as follows:

  • Raised side supports to prevent lateral head movement and promote stability
  • Thin, flat back avoids pushing the head forward to maintain spine alignment, releasing tension in the neck and shoulder muscles
  • Adjustable front clasp allows wearers to adjust fit for personal comfort

I suffer from lower back pain when sitting at my desk: What can I do?

Lower back pain is a challenge reported by individuals who rapidly switched from an office to an ad hoc work from home environment. If you’ve noticed that your lumbar region hurts when sitting at your desk at home or from the makeshift arrangement you’re using, it’s time to examine your current set up and adjust.

There are several areas of your home office that may require modification, including:

  • Properly position yourself in your chair with your ears over your shoulders, elbows at your side, and feet planted on the floor or on a raised footrest
  • Your screen should be no more than an arm’s length away
  • Your keyboard should be directly in front of you
  • Take a break to stand up or walk around every 45 to 60 minutes to keep your back from stiffening

Would a lumbar belt provide the support I need?

Even with the tips listed above, it may be difficult to maintain proper posture throughout the day. A lumbar support belt is an excellent option if you want to improve your personal comfort. Incredi-Belt® from Cabeau is a feather-light, inflatable support engineered to deliver targeted relief to your lumbar region when seated. Important benefits from the Incredi-Belt® are as follows:

  • Provides firm, “positive resistance” and consistent support at any level of inflation
  • Moves with you as you work; no stopping to adjust or reposition cushions
  • Secures to any waist size ranging from 22” to 50”
  • Can be customized to your specific body type and level of comfort

Where can I find solutions to make my WFH lifestyle more comfortable?

Finding support for neck pain or back pain is only a click away with the wellness options from Cabeau. Whether selecting the best therapeutic neck pillow or the customizable support of a lumbar belt, Cabeau is the ideal choice to make your work from home experience less painful and more productive. Browse through our current options to discover what we can do to make your day more comfortable and place your order today.

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