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What can I do to improve travel comfort on my next trip?

How to stay comfortable when traveling

Have you considered taking a trip, but struggle with staying comfortable on planes, trains, cars or ships? Here are some ideas and tips that can keep you comfy no matter which form of transportation you choose.

After reading through our detailed advice, explore our recommended solutions to stay cozy on the way to your next destination.

What can I do to sit comfortably during a trip?

Do you prefer to stay awake on trips or do you find it difficult to sleep in a vehicle? Either way, you still deserve to sit in comfort. A few of our suggestions for staying comfy in a cramped plane or car seat are as follows:

  • Don’t cross your legs. Sitting with crossed legs can restrict blood circulation and cause swelling which becomes uncomfortable after only an hour.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s easy to dehydrate if you don’t consume water regularly because the body’s thirst sensation isn’t triggered until after an imbalance occurs.
  • Walk around periodically. Don’t be afraid to routinely get up and stretch to stimulate circulation and avoid discomfort
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Unless you have a meeting right after your flight, it’s advisable to wear loose-fitted clothes that don’t bind so you can sit comfortably

If you want to really elevate your comfort, consider adding a neck pillow to your travel routine. Evolution therapeutic neck pillows are designed to keep your head in the correct neutral spine position when reading or watching TV to prevent neck and muscle strain. They also add support, so if you do drift off to sleep, your head won’t slouch, tilt or bob.

From the Evolution S3® neck pillow to the Evolution Cool®, Cabeau has several solutions that are ideal for travel on a plane or in a car. Are you taking a road trip? A Cabeau neck pillow can help you stay focused on the road and adds head support that prevents a tense, stiff and aching neck when you’re behind the wheel.

Can I still bring a travel pillow on an airplane?

Yes! There may be increased restrictions in some areas, but you’re still allowed to bring pillows on a flight without having them count as a carry-on or a personal item.

Simply wear your pillow as you board or attach it to your carry on and you’re good to go! Cabeau’s premium memory foam pillows compress to a fraction of their original size and can be placed in a specially designed travel case which clips to the luggage handle to preserve packing space.

Is it safe to use a travel pillow with the heightened concern for cleanliness?

While the current viral pandemic is transmitted only through airborne particles and not surface contamination, asthmatics and other sensitive travelers may be cautious about dirt, dust and bacteria that can collect on fabric.

Cabeau Evolution pillows feature a removable, machine-washable cover for additional convenience and peace of mind for those requiring the highest degree of hygiene.

Should I bring my own blanket on an airplane?

If you know you’re going to sleep on the plane or often have difficulty staying warm, you may want to consider bringing your own blanket.

A blanket is considered neither a personal item nor a carry-on by most airlines, so you can bring one in your bag or even carry one under your arm and the airline will treat it like you’re carrying a coat.

The Fold ’n Go™ blanket is designed with super soft microfiber and measures a generous 36”x60” for head-to-toe comfort. It also comes in its own carrying case featuring a hand strap that can attach to a luggage handle. The machine-washable blanket is designed for easy-care maintenance and the assurance of knowing it’s reserved exclusively for your personal use.

How can I support my back & lumbar region when traveling?

Seats in airplanes and cars rarely feature sufficient lumbar support and are designed for an “average” traveler’s proportions. Some travelers choose to invest in a supplemental cushion to carry onto the plane or car, or they tuck a jacket or sweater behind their back for extra support.

Cushions can be too bulky for a carry on and although jackets may provide a little cushioning, neither provides true therapeutic value as a lumbar support.

Incredi-belt™ offers firm, “positive resistance” with a support that can be positioned exactly where you need it. The lightweight, inflatable design is completely adjustable to fit each traveler’s unique profile and helps your back maintain its natural ‘S’ curve to correct mechanical back pain. Incredi-belt is ideal for anyone who sits for any length of time and wants to arrive relaxed and ache-free when driving or traveling.

How can I keep my legs & feet comfy when on a trip?

Have you ever experienced swollen feet or legs after a car or plane ride? It’s an uncomfortable experience that can be avoided with the right type of socks or leggings. It’s common to sit for long periods of time on extended car trips or flights, and this can lead to swelling.

Staying sedentary for prolonged periods causes blood to pool in the lower legs. Not only can this result in uncomfortable swelling, but also it can lead to potentially fatal deep vein thrombosis (DVT). That is a condition where a blood clot that forms in the legs becomes lodged in the lungs. It’s possible to avoid this situation by wearing compression socks to squeeze and stimulate your calves and feet, increase circulation, and reduce swelling. Compression socks are designed to fit tightly against your body while naturally holding their shape.

Get into bamboo compression socks from Cabeau! Our scratch-free compression socks are constructed of rayon derived from natural bamboo fibers for the softest, most comfortable compression experience possible.

Will an eye mask improve my sleep in a car or plane?

Does light often bother you when you’re trying to sleep? To avoid annoying flashes of light that can come through a car or plane window, an eye mask is an ideal solution.

Light can disrupt your internal biological clock and disturb sleep-wake patterns. It’s also been found that light suppresses melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. Using an eye mask as a shield can help align your body’s internal clock and allow for optimal melatonin production.

Check out the Midnight Magic Sleep Mask and rest better with Cabeau. The Midnight Magic Sleep Mask features our patented malleable nose-bridge that guarantees 100% black-out because it can be shaped to the unique contour of your nose. This area of the face is responsible for most light that seeps in around ordinary sleep masks. An elastic-free strap prevents “bed head” hair imprints and combined with eyelash-friendly domed eye cups, create a pressure-free sleep experience favored by migraine sufferers. Free memory foam ear plugs are an additional bonus and conveniently store in the mask straps.

Where can I find the best solutions to make my next trip more comfortable?

If you’re ready to elevate your personal comfort the next time you travel, take a look at all Cabeau offers. From supportive neck pillows to other accessories designed for better health and wellbeing, we have the solutions you need. Take a look at our current comfort and wellness options and place an order today!

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