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6 Products to Keep Yourself Comfortable on a Long Flight

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6 Products to Keep Yourself Comfortable on a Long Flight

By Jill Schildhouse

Unless you’ve been blessed with a lie-flat seat in business class, it can be hard to get comfy on an overseas flight. Seats are getting narrower, they barely recline, and your tray table is right on top of you because the rows are even closer together — it’s no wonder a recent survey from Thrillist reports that 78% percent of respondents said that the seat on their last flight was uncomfortable. And when you factor in a snoring stranger next to you, too many bright lights and crying babies, and uncontrollable temperatures, you quickly realize it’s crucial to rely on travel products to ease your discomfort. Here are six tried-and-true favorites:

The Perfect Neck Pillow

Is there anything worse than the dreaded head bob when you doze off in flight? Not only does it startle you awake, preventing you from getting the shut-eye you so desperately need, but it causes neck pain, too. The Evolution S3 Neck Pillow has raised side supports and a slim flattened back so you can find your comfiest position with perfect spinal alignment, plus a seat strap system to stay in place. It folds up to half its size, comes with a carrying case, and the cover is machine-washable. 

Blissful Noise-Cancelling Headphones

In-ear headphones can hurt after a couple hours, which is why you see so many travelers sporting the over-the-ear style, like Bose QuietComfort Headphones. This brand offers next-level noise cancellation so you can completely shut out all the annoying noises around you, but easily toggles between quiet and aware modes so you can hear flight attendants ask “chicken or pasta?” or be alerted to important pilot announcements. Plus, the audiobook, music or movie you’re listening to will come through in high-fidelity audio. It offers up to 24 hours of battery life, which should take you through most any flight, and the case keeps them safe and organized in your carry-on. 

A Cozy Travel Blanket

Hot, cold, hot, cold — being on a plane is enough to make anyone think they’re going through menopause. Alas, it’s just the finicky thermostat that’s somehow never quite right. When the air turns frigid, turn to the Fold ‘N Go Blanket for that cozy warmth you crave. It’s made of buttery soft French microfiber, will cover you from chin to toe, and it can double as a seat cushion or lumbar support when it gets warm again.

A Back-Relieving Foot Hammock

Whether you’re vertically challenged and can’t quite reach the floor or you just want some options for placing your feet somewhere different to relieve back pressure, a foot hammock is a handy solution. Simply strap it to your tray table (the strap adjusts to your height or intended usage) and settle your feet and legs into a new position of comfort — once you try this, you’ll never travel without it. 

A Light-Blocking Sleep Mask 

Cabin lights, reading lights, open window shades, bright laptop screens — it’s impossible to just close your eyes and make these intrusive illuminations disappear. The Midnight Magic Sleep Mask works like a charm, and you can thank the domed eyeliners, conforming nose bridge, and adjustable head strap for the glorious darkness. They even come with memory foam earplugs and a convenient little pocket to store them in. 

Compression Socks

It’s common for legs to swell when you fly, and though it’s usually harmless, it can make your shoes feel quite tight and uncomfortable. Keep your blood flowing and reduce your risk of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) by wearing compression socks. Look for styles that offer at least 8-15mmHg, like these Bamboo Compression Socks. Plus, when you land, you’ll feel like a million bucks — the improved circulation energizes legs, which will help you dash across the airport to catch your connection or hit the ground running in your final destination. 

Bio: Jill Schildhouse is an award-winning travel writer based in Phoenix who regularly contributes to AARP, Insider, U.S. News & World Report, Reader’s Digest, Fodor’s, The Points Guy, and Southern Living. Jill has visited 43 countries, spends about two weeks on the road each month, and is always planning her next adventure; follow her travels on Instagram

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