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4 Unexpected Things That Cause Lower Back Pain and What Can Be Done to Fix It


Back pain is one of the most common ailments that adults experience on a regular basis. This discomfort is one of the top reasons why people visit their doctor, and it is a leading cause of disability worldwide. If you’re an adult and your lower back is constantly hurting, you may be showing signs of muscle tension in your back.

Lower back pain commonly occurs in adults over the age of 30. There are many reasons why your lower back may be uncomfortable when you are sitting. Below are 4 unexpected reasons why your back may be hurting, as well as tips for how to fix it! If your back pain is consistent, it is important to consult with your physician to find the right solution.

  1. Improper Sitting Posture: Poor posture could be causing your back to ache. Maintaining a proper posture while sitting and standing are very important for back health.  Studies have shown that most people are in seated positions 8-12 hours of the day and rotate between 4-8 different types of seats.  Slouching or sitting in a poor position has the potential to stress the back muscles and cause prolonged discomfort.

    Oftentimes, people tend to sit with a gap between the chair and their lower back. When you are sitting, ensure your back is straight, your feet flat on the floor, and your shoulders are relaxed. Maintaining good posture throughout the day is an easy way of reducing lower back pain.

  2. Improper Sleep Posture: Does your lower back hurt whether you are sitting, lying, or standing? This pain may be a result of your sleeping posture. The position you sleep in every night directly affects your back. It is important to select the right position while sleeping to reduce lower back pain. Experts recommend that people suffering from back pain should try sleeping on their side with a pillow tucked between their knees. 

    If you are sleeping on your back, keep a pillow under your knees for maximum comfort and pain relief.

  3. Not Exercising Often: The most effective way to relieve lower back pain is through exercise. Even if you only have a few minutes, you can stretch your back daily to strengthen your muscles. It is recommended to stretch or do some basic yoga poses every morning in order to build strength and muscle memory in the back and spine. Looser muscles will allow you to carry yourself without stiffness or fatigue throughout the day.

  4. Not Using a Utilizing a Lumbar Support Belt and Compressed Heat  Therapy: To avoid having back stress throughout the day, consider using a lumbar support tool. A back support belt helps support you during your day-to-day tasks and allows you to move around easier as it can correct posture and support the natural S-curve of the spine while seated. . One of the most effective lumbar support belts available on the market is the Incredi-belt™.Backed by science and recommended by medical experts for optimal spine health, this innovative lumbar support belt provides customized lumbar support for everybody based on its inflatable design and ease of use.  Incredi-belt is like no other product on the market today. 

    To help with consistent pain - or just to combat a cold office thermostat - our compatible infrared heating therapy wrap, Incredi-heat, pairs perfectly with the Incredi-belt. The Incredi-Heat is a USB-powered compressed heat therapy tool that is light, portable and helps provide even heat distribution on your lumbar region. The heat, when attached to the belt, helps relax the muscles and relieve lower back pain.  The Incredi-Heat is versatile, can be taken on the go, and is powered by an external battery pack (not included) 

Combine the Incredi-belt and Incredi-Heat for the most comfortable way to relieve lower back pain.

Check out the Incredi-belt here and the Incredi-heat here.

Follow these four effective ways to relieve lower back pain and get rid of your nagging back pain today!

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