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Stay Healthy On The Road!

Flu season is here and it’s ugly. If you’re traveling, it’s important to stay healthy so you can fully enjoy your adventure. A few simple preventative measures could make all the difference between being sick in bed or out and about: Wash your hands. Any time you’re planning to eat, make sure you wash your …

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The 13 Best U.S. Road Trips

When you hear the words “road trip,” you may conjure up images of neon-lit midnight diners along Route 66 or the palm-tree lined west coast of California’s Pacific Coast Highway. While these iconic trails are necessarily part of any thorough list of the best U.S. road trips, the vast diversity of geography and culture mean …

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Sleep Detoxes The Brain and May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s, Research Shows
Sleep allows the brain to clean itself of harmful toxins and may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.