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Busy Kids Are Happy Kids! Tips For Keeping Toddlers Occupied On A Plane.

It comes as no surprise to parents of toddlers that they can actually be harder to fly with than infants. Not only are they more likely to get bored and want to move around—once they start cruising the aisle, good luck getting them strapped back into their seat. So is it possible to make it through an entire flight without a meltdown, from you or your toddler? Yes, especially with these useful, in-the-know tips from 10 blogs, courtesy of summernannyjobs.com.


1. Holiday Travel: Tips for Keeping Kids Occupied Give each child his/her own backpack filled with crafts, games and activities but wait to give it to them until on the plane. Mainly, keep them busy; it will make the time pass more quickly.

2. Traveling with Small Kids on Airplanes Bring along a tablet loaded with new movies and apps for the flight. To make sure your “entertainment” devices will last and last, get a battery boost (works with every model of iPhone and iPod and charges twice as fast as other batteries).

3. How to Travel Long Distances with Little Ones (and Not Go Insane) Sleep when your kids fall asleep so that you can get some rest too. Plus, hold your daily priorities with a loose grip and have a more “go with the flow” attitude, especially on flights longer than six hours.

4. 10 Tips for Flying with Babies and Toddlers Don’t pre-board—this inevitably means your child will have to sit still for a longer period of time. Charge your devices beforehand, bring a dish towel for spills, buy extra legroom seats, feed the baby at takeoff and landing, and know that even the longest flight, at some point, will end.

5. Top Ten Sanity-Saving Secrets for Traveling with Kids Invest time in “travel training”—teach your kids how to travel by taking them on several short trips during their early years. Dress them in pajamas for overnight flights to encourage sleep. Reinforce good behavior. Travel less but longer: a weekend getaway can take as much planning and packing as a 2-week adventure, but the long trip will be much more rewarding.

6. Tips for Flying with Kids Part 2: Toddlers Sit in the back of the plane so you’re close to the lavatory. Dress toddlers in bright colors so you can easily spot them if they wander away in the airport. Colored pipe cleaners are great entertainers.

7. Tips for Traveling with Small Children Get there early, check in early. Take one carry-on for every seat you pay for. Give each child a neck pillow; they’re much more likely to sleep when they can do so comfortably. (Cabeau recommends our memory foam Evolution Pillow™.)

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8. Traveling with Children: 24 Tips for Flying with Kids If you take a stroller, you can check it at the gate and have it waiting for you when you get off the plane. Let kids help, such as helping you look for gate numbers and carrying their own stuff. They like to have a job and some independence.

9. My Tips for Traveling with Young Children Try to avoid over-packing; it just will result in more things you have to carry. Eat in the airport before boarding and skip the meal on board; it’s not easy holding a baby, cleaning up spills, cutting food into tiny portions, and trying to eat off your own little tray.

10. 10 Tips for Single Parents Traveling with Kids Make sure to pack a medicine bag (aspirin, Band Aids, thermometer, Neosporin). Print out pictures of the hotel where you’ll be staying and information on the different places you’ll visit on your trip.

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