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How To Travel With Kids And Not Break The Bank: 7 Tips For Saving Money On Vacation

As many of us know all too well, family travel can get expensive. What initially seems like a bargain can end up costing a bundle when you figure in four, five or even six family members. Nevertheless, there are ways to avoid spending an arm and a leg and still have a great time. From a recent TRAVELWITHKIDS blog, here are seven tips for traveling with kids in tow and staying within a budget.


Busy Kids Are Happy Kids! Tips For Keeping Toddlers Occupied On A Plane.

It comes as no surprise to parents of toddlers that they can actually be harder to fly with than infants. Not only are they more likely to get bored and want to move around—once they start cruising the aisle, good luck getting them strapped back into their seat. So is it possible to make it through an entire flight without a meltdown, from you or your toddler? Yes, especially with these useful, in-the-know tips from 10 blogs, courtesy of summernannyjobs.com.


Flying With A Baby? No Worries, As Long As You Plan Ahead.

Traveling with an infant doesn’t have to be stressful, provided you’re well prepared, says summernannyjobs.com. The more you plan ahead, the better you’ll be able to deal with the unexpected. Check out these 10 blogs from family travelers who’ve been there, done that.


Taking Your Kids To Museums Today Will Pay Off Later

girl in museumThe next time your kids moan and groan when you suggest visiting a museum or historic monument, tell them you’re investing in their future—literally. So says Eileen Ogintz in a recent blog on her website, Taking the Kids.


Tips On Getting Your Kids Moving This Summer From First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Kicks Off South Lawn Series Of Summer Activities For KidsWorried that your kids might be spending too much time this summer eating fries, playing video games or texting? Time to get them moving!


Keeping Your Kids Safe as They Go Back to School

Parent Taking Child To Pre SchoolAs the carefree days of summer are quickly coming to a close, keeping your kids safe as they return to school takes on special importance. A recent article from Clintonnews.com offers parents valuable tips that we’d like to share with our Clintonnews.com readers.