The Cabeau TNE

This pillow achieves our most comfortable and secure fit yet, featuring our new patented chin-strap technology - creating a fully-customizable fit, preventing head drops, neck kinks, and keeping the spine in neutral alignment while wearing.

Chin Strap System

Premium support that ensures no droop, drool, or snoring.

Raised Side Support

Raised side support stop lateral "bobblehead" movement

Optimal Heat Flow

Allows for the heat to escape and constant airflow for optimal temperature regulation

Seat Strap System

Ensure a snug, secure fit to prevent head drop.

Included Travel Bag

A lightweight and portable travel bag that keeps you organized on-the-go.

Machine-Washable Cover

Eliminates bacteria, dust-mites and odors.

Reduces Size for Storage

Reduces pillow to 1/3 original size.


1 year warranty.