Plane, Train, or Car?

Stay pain-free wherever you are

Plane, Train, or Car?

Stay pain-free wherever you are

Doctor Recommended

“Cabeau’s therapeutic Evolution pillows feature patented high-profile sides which are slimmer behind the neck ensuring neutral cervical spine alignment to address the root cause of symptomatic pain.”

- Dr. Ghodadra, M.D.

  Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon to Professional Athletes


Make your trip pain free with Cabeau.

For ultimate comfort, a therapeutic neck pillow, blanket, sleep mask and bamboo compression socks are travel essentials

Prevent headaches and neck pain

• Every inch off vertical alignment adds 10 lbs of pressure. Orthopedic surgeon-approved support stabilizes your head to prevent neck strain.

• Great for travel, TV viewing, gaming or any seated activity that tires neck muscles.

Improve oxygen flow and increase focus

• Head drop decreases oxygen entering the lungs by 30% while raising the potential for snoring and dangerous apnea.

• Spine alignment ensures oxygenated blood supply for brain alertness and clarity – No travel fog!

Fall asleep. Stay asleep.

• Pressure-relieving memory foam provides 360 ̊ support, allowing neck muscles to relax and release tension.

• Cabeau’s patented designs prevent disruptive head movement for deep, undisturbed rest.

Cabeau Evolution Neck Pillows

Orthopedic-endorsed therapeutic neck pillows provide structural support for unrivaled comfort and pain prevention. Our collection allows for personalized fit and function.

Travel essentials to make your trip even more comfortable

Oversized buttery soft French microfiber wrap provides the ultimate warmth and comfort. Packed in the travel case, it doubles as a pillow, seat cushion or lumbar support.

Our patented adjustable nose bridge customizes fit for 100% blackout while non-elastic adjustable straps and domed eye cups relieve discomforting pressure.

Mild, graduated compression from 8-15 mmHg is suitable for everyday wear. Our soft socks promote better circulation and enhance oxygen delivery to muscles.

Get all four now and save!