Returns & Warranties


To ensure safety of our employees and customers, all PPE supplies, including masks, are final sale only. Returns, refunds, and order cancellations are not accepted at this time.


Cabeau is committed to your complete satisfaction. Our stringent requirements and rigorous testing ensure our products meet the highest quality standards. We will replace any product that is found to be damaged at time of purchase or to have defects in materials or workmanship within 2 years of original purchase date.

In accordance with this warranty, Cabeau will:

•  Replace the defective component with a new Cabeau part, or
•  Replace the defective product with a new Cabeau product, or
•  Provide you with another product of equal value (if the same style is no longer available), or
•  Provide you with a full refund at our discretion.

You will be required to pay a $10 handling fee plus shipping charges for the replacement piece (additional international shipping costs will be included). To submit a replacement/refund claim, please follow the instructions under “Return Steps”.


Refunds can only be processed within 30-days of purchase. In order to complete your replacement, please complete the steps below and email them to

•  Name of purchase store or website
•  Date of purchase
•  Name of Cabeau product
•  Reason for return/exchange
•  Clear/legible picture of the legal care label (travel pillows only)

Once your information is received, we will send you a notification email indicating whether or not your product meets the warranty requirements.

For items that require return, we will instruct you exactly how to document the permanent destruction of the product so the unusable remnants can be disposed without incurring additional shipping expense.

If a credit is issued, it will automatically be applied to your credit card within 2-5 business days.

Each and every return is unique and will be handled with Cabeau care. All return inquiries and related questions can be sent to, or call us at 877-962-2232.