What is Cabeau Club?

Cabeau Club is our free loyalty program that provides exclusive offers and the latest product developments to participants. Registered members can have lost products replaced for life! Just pay a shipping & handling fee to receive one replacement/year. Registering your purchase also doubles the limited manufacturer’s warranty to two years.

How do I sign-up for Cabeau Club

Click "Join Cabeau Club" from the home page or use this link:

How do I register my neck pillow?
Where is the requested ‘lot number’ located when registering a pillow?

The pillow lot number can be found on the white manufacturer's tag attached to the pillow cover near the zipper seam. The lot number will be a 4-5 digit number (and may contain a letter). It is usually located in the upper righthand corner of the tag, but may appear near the words "Designed in the USA" or "Not for ages Under 13".

Can I register multiple products?

Yes! Just fill out the form for each item.

How soon can I request a lost product replacement?

Members can request a replacement any time after a minimum of 30 days following their completed product registration. Each product request requires payment of shipping and handling fee and is limited to one/product/year.

If the pillow is given as a gift, can the recipient still register the product for Cabeau Club?

Yes - if you're registering a gift, you can indicate "gift" where it asks for the amount paid.

I signed up for Cabeau Club and didn't receive my discount coupon code. What happened?

The new member coupon code is delivered to your registered email address. Your spam filter may flag the email, so check your spam folder to see if the code can be found there. On occasion it may take several minutes for the email to be delivered. After a period of time (30 minutes), if you haven't received the code and it isn't in your spam folder, please reach out via Live Chat or contact us at

How can I cancel my order?

Orders are immediately processed and ship very quickly, generally within hours. If you placed an order between 9a.m.-5p.m. PST and contact us within that same window, there may be a slim chance to stop the shipment. We do not guarantee that we can cancel an order before it ships, so please double check all pertinent ordering information such as product size, color, quantity and shipping address before completing the sale.

Can I purchase a replacement component part if my product is outside the factory warranty?

Contact and identify what part you need and the desired shipping address. We will provide a price quote and then request a phone number and best time for you to complete the order securely over the phone.

How much do the replacement component parts cost?

Prices on each part varies as does availability. In some cases we will recommend a substitute component part that is an upgrade to the version you have on your product. If the main product has been discontinued, we may no longer have component parts to offer as replacements. (International shipments may incur additional customs/tariffs which are the sole responsibility of the customer)

I have a retail business. How can I order wholesale?

Please contact to open a wholesale account. We will connect you with a sales agent to help you through the process.

What are the minimum units required for a wholesale order?

An initial wholesale order requires a minimum of 100 units.

How can I recognize if my product is counterfeit?

Our patented and award-winning designs clearly set us apart from competitors. If you're not sure you've purchased an authentic Cabeau product, please email Send a photo of the product and a close-up photo of the entire white manufacturer's care and use label attached to the product. We will be happy to confirm whether you have a genuine Cabeau original.

How can I submit a product idea to Cabeau?

We are always developing innovative new solutions to support the health & well-being of our customers. If you have developed a product you'd like to submit, please contact Please do not submit unsolicited ideas before contacting Cabeau. You will need to sign an Idea Submission Agreement and then we will connect with you if we are interested in pursuing your concept.