David Sternlight

Enthuastic man reads Cabeau magazine

David Sternlight is a professional problem solver who seeks out the efficiencies in everything with an unrelenting curiosity. A comfort architect and a razor-sharp leader with good vibes, David knows what it takes to keep an entire symphony humming on time and in tune. Yes, he has a penchant for ambient and soulful sounds (he’s also a DJ) which reinforces his laid-back, beachy appreciation for the zen-life. The key to David’s success isn’t the ability to channel his inner Dalai Lama, it’s his ability to walk on water when he is told it’s impossible. David’s on a mission to be the best he and Cabeau can be and he’s making a difference in the world by creating more comfort in it—did we mention he’s a magician but refuses to admit it?

Being born and raised in West LA means David is familiar with traffic and cruising in traffic (because the west side is the best side), so he’s no stranger to finding comfort in travel. He’s always looking for an edge, a better way to do things, and he loves trends and numbers (data can’t geek out over itself). Family and friends are at the core of everything he does. Carving out a quality life that’s soft, supportive, and fit for long-term happiness is what he does on a daily basis. So yes, David is indeed making the world a better and more comfortable place to live.