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Latest Luggage Innovations Make Travel A (Fashionable) Snap

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It might be time to ditch that bulky black suitcase (that BTW looks like everyone else’s in baggage claim) for an easy, breezy, modern piece of luggage that will make traveling an easier, more enjoyable experience, says a recent article on From the hundreds of cutting-edge travel products that were unveiled last week at the massive Travel Goods Show in Phoenix, here are the article’s tops picks, designed exclusively with your comfort and safety in mind.


Safety First

Keep important documents safe on the road with IWallet’s new line of lightweight aluminum wallets and passport cases that can be opened only with the swipe of your thumbprint. The cases also have GPS capabilities and protect your credit cards from being hacked while in your pocket.

Traveling to China? ReadiMask offers paper-thin, medical-grade masks that can instantly be adhered to your face to protect you from smoke or chemicals.

For those who want extra protection in a hotel room, the DoorJammer gives you an added sense of security by providing an additional lock to any door. You just wedge the clamp underneath a closed door and it prevents it from being opened.

Comfort is Key

Many of us travel by pulling a standard suitcase on wheels with an extendable handle. After a long day of pulling it around, it’s not hard to end up with significant arm and shoulder pain. Solution? Pivotal has a new line of bags with a 360-degree handle that swivels, allowing you to bend your arm and pull or push the bag in any direction. The design is such a hit that it won first place at this year’s Travel Goods Association Innovation Awards―not bad for a company that’s brand new.

And speaking of comfort – on a plane, in a car, or wherever you want some comfy, quality rest – we at Cabeau recommend our Memory Foam Evolution Pillow. With a patented ergonomic design, this premium travel pillow provides 360 head and chin support and comes with a soft washable velour cover, media pouch for a phone or iPod, adjustable front toggles and an attachable travel bag to keep your pillow clean and germ-free. We also suggest our Ultra Soft Fluffy Socks, Fold ‘N Go Blanket & Travel Case and Midnight Magic Sleep Mask for maximum comfort on all your travels.

Travel in Style

If it’s high fashion you want, check out designer Isaac Mizrahi’s inaugural line of luggage in bright patterns and bold colors. And for fashion forward travelers of all ages, Cuties released a new line of animal-themed suitcases featuring built-in pillows, drink holder and lots of storage.

Made in the USA

Made in America is a big theme in travel right now. Men’s accessories company Randa and leather maker Korchmar both released new lines of luggage and accessories manufactured right here in the US, creating jobs across America.

Our advice? Pick up one or more of these hot new luggage and travel accessories and hit the road!

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