Susannah Kim

Smiling woman poses against purple background


Susannah Kim is all things global.

She was born in Korea but grew up in LA, joining Cabeau because of the brand’s amazing potential. Funny, that’s why we hired her.

Susannah put herself through college, earning her undergraduate from UCLA in two years. Which, isn’t surprising, when you consider her personal motto… “Fortune favors the bold.”

But, this old Winston Churchill quote isn’t the only thing that helps describe the wonderful Susannah. Inspired greatly by Mother Theresa, she believes that “elegantly simple improvements” are the key to good living. And when she’s not running Cabeau’s global marketing, she’s running around outdoors — dragging the family to kid-friendly museums or entertaining guests at her home.

At the end of the day, Susannah is most passionate about life’s simple beauties: people, growth and chocolate. Especially chocolate.