Looking for the Best Sleeping Mask? Try the Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask on for Size

Are you the type of person who requires total darkness to sleep ––or to even catch a quick nap? If so, you’re not alone, and like many others who find it difficult to catch any shut eye when the surrounding environment is too bright, you probably dread trying to sleep while you’re traveling.

Whether you’re on a plane during the day or in an unfamiliar hotel room where the curtains just don’t close all the way, a quality eye mask for sleeping is a must-have travel accessory for anyone sensitive to light –– and at Cabeau, we’ve designed the world’s best sleeping mask for people like you in mind.

Enter the Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask: arguably the world’s best eye mask for sleeping, providing total darkness, plush comfort and a custom fit for everyone. From the creative minds who brought you the innovative Evolution travel pillow comes the next phase in making travel better: a sleep mask that is totally portable, endlessly adjustable, and looks great on anyone.

Learn more about the Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask below and find out why it’s the perfect choice for every traveler who insist on arriving rested and ready to explore.

guy sleeping with sleep mask

Complete Control

The Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask is one of the world’s best sleeping masks thanks to its customizable features that gives you, the wearer, complete control. The mask boasts a completely adjustable padded aluminum strip in the nose, ensuring the mask contours to your face perfectly.

The adjustable fabric strap keeps the mask secure, allowing you to determine how tight or how loose you prefer to wear it –– and determine the degree of darkness you experience. From a faint twilight to a complete blackout, you need only adjust the fit to your prefered level of darkness.

Unsurpassed Comfort

If you’ve ever had a sleeping mask that pressed against your eyelids, you probably know that even with 100% darkness that distracting pressure can make it hard to actually fall asleep. Even the best sleeping masks tend to rely on elastic bands that pull at your skin and snag in your hair for an insecure and uncomfortable fit around your head. And if you can fall asleep, you’ll likely wake up with red marks across your face.

The Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask provides the wearer with unsurpassed comfort for a lightweight and luxurious fit thanks to the silky soft plush fabric that covers both the inside and the outside of the mask. It’s unique design features inner rounded and concave eyeliners that not only keep pressure off of your eyes, but ensure that your eyes won’t touch the fabric altogether.

Last but not least, The Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask utilizes an adjustable strap completely free of elastic that won’t stretch or leave any pesky marks –– so you wake up looking as good as you feel: well rested and ready to take on the world.

Total Comfort, Total Quiet

Maybe you’ve given up on sleeping masks because no matter how little light they allow in or how comfortable they are, you simply can’t sleep when there’s background noise you can’t control, be it the engine of the plane or the noisy neighbors in the adjacent hotel room.

Once again, Cabeau has you covered: every Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask includes a pair of reusable noise cancelling earplugs to block out ambient sound –– and the mask itself features a handy pouch on the side for convenient storage when not in use. When we say that the Midnight Magic® is the best eye mask for sleeping, we mean it.

Start Sleeping Better Today

For any traveler who could stand to catch some zzz’s before the next leg of your journey, the Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask is a can’t-miss accessory. Pair the world’s best sleeping mask with the Evolution® travel pillow that’s best for you to give yourself the gift of total comfort no matter where you go next. If you have any questions about our products, simply shoot our team a message now. Order your Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask and start sleeping better today!

The Details

Length = 26.75 inches

Height = 3.5 inches

Thickness = .75 inches

Weight = 1 ounce

Materials = 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton

Bridge = 100% Aluminum (Padded)

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