Get Into VIP Lounges Every Time You Fly


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Airport lounges are a bit of a mystery to those who have never had the opportunity to wait in one. Access to free food, drinks, Wi-Fi, and comfortable chairs while you wait for your next flight sounds like the best way to start (or continue) a trip. Typically, these lounges are for 1st and business class flyers, or airline elites, but we have the inside scoop on how to get in even if you fly coach.

Get In with a Credit Card

Credit cards that offer airport lounge access are the easiest ways in. These credit cards can give you access of hundreds of lounges around the world; however they do come with a price. The average annual fee of a credit card with lounge access is $450. Less expensive cards are available, but those only come with a couple of lounge passes per year.

Pay for 1x Access

For those who don’t travel often enough to get a credit card with such a large fee, paying for a day pass at a lounge is an excellent and easy option. The cost for a day pass is typically around $45, however it is important to do you research beforehand to find a lounge that works best with your itinerary. Lounge Buddy is an awesome smartphone app that allows you to browse through hundreds of lounges and purchase a day pass. Once you arrive, all you have to do is show your confirmation and then get comfortable with your best travel pillow, eye mask, and soft socks. Additionally, people who are members oftentimes sell one-time passes on eBay.

Buy Lounge Access Directly

If you often fly one airline exclusively, buying a lounge access membership is always an option. Memberships, such as the Delta Sky Club Membership, will cost you around $500 annually. Typically, getting a credit card with lounge access is more of an advantage because it comes with more benefits, like rewards points. Something to keep in mind: not all airports have lounges so again; do your research depending upon your travel plans.

Make a Friend

Most lounge access members let you bring in a guest. Make a friend at the airport with someone who has access, or split the cost with someone you are flying with. There is no harm in asking if you can be someone’s guest, especially if you have an abnormally long time until your flight leaves.

It is up to you to decide which method is the best. Take a look at how many times you travel, where you travel to, and your travel budgets. VIP lounges will do nothing but make your travels stress-free. We vote yes to checking them out next time you travel.


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