Get a Sore Back When You Fly? Try a Beach Ball!

Did you know you can reduce your chances of getting a sore, achy back on your next flight by bringing along an inflatable beach ball? So says Melanie Pinola in a recent post for Lifehacker India.

 man and woman looking at photos on beach

According to physical therapist Doug Kelsey of the My Itchy Travel Feet blog, an inflated beach ball is perfect for lumbar support. Because it’s filled with air, it allows you to move in your chair, which in turn, moves your spine just enough to keep it from getting stiff, Kelsey explains.

Kelsey recommends:

1. Put a very small amount of air in the ball. Once you’re in flight, the change in cabin air will increase the pressure in the ball, which is why you don’t need to start with much air.

2. Place the ball in the small of your back.

3. Increase or decrease the amount of air to your comfort level.

4. About every 30 minutes, move the ball either up or down an inch or two.

5. While in flight, periodically move side to side and forward and back, for about a minute, rocking your trunk on the ball.

6. When your flight ends, deflate the ball and store for later use.

A special bonus: You’ll have a ball to toss around if you’re heading to a beach or park on your vacation!

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