A Great Trip Starts With Great Packing

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Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling can be stressful, hectic and exhausting. With regulations for everything from the weight of your suitcase to what you can, and can’t, bring past security, it’s important to pack wisely so you can get the most out of your trip. So before you head out on your next adventure, check out these 10 blogs full of savvy packing tips from summernannyjobs.com.


1. Packing Secrets from Savvy Travelers One of the numerous tips discussed on this blog recommends that you pack half as many clothes as you think you need and twice as much cash. You can buy anything you need while traveling.

2. Know Before You Go: The Top 5 Airport Travel Secrets Each of the 5 really helpful tips on this blog has a video that explains it: 1) the fastest way through airport security, 2) how to prevent your luggage getting lost at the airport, 3) how to avoid fees and pack it all in a carry-on, 4) how to upgrade an economy class ticket, and 5) how to behave on a flight.

3. Do You Know the Secrets to Packing Light? Don’t Miss Our Five Favorite Travel Essentials—All American Made To save on space, pack clothes that coordinate with multiple items and clothes you can layer to create different outfits.

4. 7 Travel Secrets from Frequent Flyers One good travel tip: bring along a tablet instead of a laptop. It’s more convenient and lighter. And skip the hair dryer.

5. Secrets to Traveling with Confidence Whatever Your Destination When packing your suitcase, roll up your clothes to save space. Get a good workout or stretch before your flight. Tip hotel staff well; it can mean the difference between an okay stay and a great one. And make sure your passport is not expiring soon.

6. Travel and Packing Trade Secrets Before packing your clothes, make sure all the buttons are buttoned and zippers are zipped—this will reduce wrinkles. Use the space inside your shoes for socks or underwear. Pack disposable toiletries that you can toss, freeing up space for items you might like to bring home.

7. Packing Secrets Keep the weight down in your luggage by packing lightweight pants and wool that can be washed out in the sink and will dry overnight.

8. Travel Secrets of Road Warriors Reduce the amount of make-up and toiletries that you take with you on a trip. Stick with items that do double duty, like sneakers for walking that still look good with a skirt.

9. Luggage, Packing and Travel Prep: Part 2 Pack clothes that can transition from daytime to nighttime simply by swapping out accessories. Guys should wear a light blazer on the plane rather than giving it space in the suitcase. Always take along a few Ziploc bags; they come in handy in all sorts of way: wet bathing suits, leaky sunscreen and to keep sand out of electronics at the beach.

10. Kayla’s Travel Secrets: Packing To keep a necklace chain from getting tangled, run it through a straw and hook the clasps to prevent knots.

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