Packing Travel Hacks: Music Festival Edition

Music festival season is in full swing! It seems like every week for the past month a new lineup was showing up every time you went online. Whether you are making your way to Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lightening in a Bottle, Governors Ball, or EDC, the more prepared you are, the better time you will have. Take into consideration the following hacks to help make your festival trip smooth and nothing but fun.

friends taking camping selfie

Keep track of your valuables First things first, you are going to have some important items on you that you cannot lose (ID, credit card, cash, etc.). A money bag or a fanny pack are smart ways to keep track of your irreplaceable belongings while you are swimming your way through a crowd. Bonus: they will not cramp your festival style.

Use your phone to your advantage – Create a landscape photo that says “If found, please call” and add your friend’s name and number. Then save it as your lock screen background. If you misplace your phone and someone finds it, they can easily call up your friend to get it back to you. Genius right?!

Freshen up – Bring a travel bag and throw in some hand sanitizer, Xlear nasal spray, Spry Stronger Longer Cinnamon gum, mouthwash and a pack of naturally sweetened mints. You will be feeling and looking fresh, ready for the perfect Instagram photo.

Snooze Smart – Festivals are physically and mentally exhausting. Being on your feet all day for multiple days is no joke, especially if it is hot. If your body is telling you to sit down for an hour or so, listen to it. If you are camping, bring ear plugs, an eye sleep mask, soft socks and a travel neck pillow so you can sleep just about anywhere and recharge for the next day. Most importantly, stay hydrated!

The best thing to remember is just to embrace the experience. Get lost in the world of music, culture, and adventure. Put your phone down, discover new music, talk to everyone around you, and really live in the moment.

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