KJ Life Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Cabeau, creator of luxurious yet affordable travel products, recently finalized a lawsuit involving infringement of its Intellectual Property Rights by a popular Chinese retailer. The Intellectual Property department at Cabeau discovered that KJ-life was selling products infringing upon Cabeau’s Evolution Pillow™ design patent at 38 retail locations in Chinese airports and train stations. Upon discovery, Cabeau took swift legal action resulting in an immediate settlement by KJ-Life. Per the terms of the agreement, KJ-Life acknowledged they unknowingly violated Cabeau’s Intellectual Property Rights and fully cooperated with Cabeau in determining the manufacturing source of all known infringing products in China.

The Cabeau brand is known for offering innovative travel products including compression socks, sleep masks, travel blankets, on-the-go gear and the award-winning memory foam Evolution Pillow™. The Evolution Pillow™ has a patented design with 8 features, including 360 degree head and chin support and a compact travel bag. Due to Cabeau’s commitment to quality and originality, the company devotes considerable resources to its Intellectual Property division, which monitors and investigates products that violate the company’s registered design patents around the world.

“At Cabeau, we are very proud of the unique travel products we create,” said Cabeau Founder & CEO, David Sternlight. “Because of the original patented features of the Evolution Pillow™, and many of our other products, we take our Intellectual Property Rights very seriously and will stop at nothing to protect our innovative designs. We are happy KJ-Life took responsibility for their actions and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Cabeau and KJ-life now operate under a customer-vendor relationship within the Chinese marketplace, promoting mutual cooperation and long-term growth for both parties. For more information on Cabeau and their entire travel collection, please visit www.cabeau.com.