Leading Travel Goods Company Successfully Blocks Sales of Infringing Products by Conair

Woodland Hills, CA (February 8, 2019)  Cabeau, a world leader in the travel products industry, succeeded in blocking imitations of its award-winning travel pillows sold by Conair. Cabeau served a Cease and Desist letter to Conair where it asserted that The Travel Smart Memory/Beaded Neck Rest Pillow infringed upon its U.S. Design Patent No. D619,402 and its Common Law Trade Dress Rights. As a result, Conair removed their pillow.

Cabeau creates innovative travel accessories that set the bar for quality and superior craftsmanship. The company dedicates significant efforts to developing, testing and merchandising its widely recognized products. Knock-off travel pillows have caused significant consumer confusion. Cabeau is committed to quality and originality. It is of the utmost importance that the company’s innovative assets are carefully protected under intellectual property laws.

“We will go to any length to protect consumers from products that may cause harm and could be confusing for our customers,” said David Sternlight, Founder and CEO of Cabeau. “We will resort to litigation in order to prevent infringement in online marketplaces.”

The excellence and originality of Cabeau’s award-winning product designs will continue to be fervently enforced by the company under its intellectual property rights.

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About Cabeau

Cabeau creates exceptional and affordable travel products for all of life’s journey’s. Our company began with one simple mission: to find a travel pillow that actually works. What started with the Evolution® Pillow has now evolved into a smart assortment of solution-driven products. Each one is specifically designed to make travel easier, more manageable and infinitely more comfortable, turning every trip into a first-class experience. Cabeau’s award-winning travel pillows, comfort products, and accessories are available in over 110 countries worldwide. For more information, visit