Consumer Travel Goods Company Bans Sale of Knock-Off Product

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 1, 2016) Cabeau, a world leader in the travel products industry, successfully stopped the patent infringement of its award-winning Evolution® Pillow sold by two individuals doing business under the names “Skies the Limit” and “TryMe” on Cabeau filed a lawsuit at the United Stated District Court for the Central District of California where it asserted that the knock-off travel pillow infringed upon its U.S. Design Patent No. D619,402. The company sought a permanent injunction to ban further sales of the travel pillow as well as damages to compensate it for the harm done by the infringement.

This week, Cabeau obtained a settlement including an award of an undisclosed financial amount from the infringers and an agreement to not sell any infringing products in the future.

Cabeau dedicates significant resources to protect its innovative designs and intellectual property rights. As a result of Cabeau’s significant investment in innovation and careful attention to detail, it developed distinctive designs and a unique level of craftsmanship that transformed the market for travel comfort products. In particular, Cabeau’s leading product, the Evolution® Pillow, is one of the best-selling travel pillows worldwide and recognized by consumers across the globe.

“The online market is incredibly important to us and we will take all necessary steps to prevent companies from attempting to copy our products. Not only do knock-off products provide poor quality, we’ve found in some cases that the materials used are unsafe,” said Cabeau Founder & CEO, David Sternlight. “We will go to any length to protect consumers from products that may cause harm and could be confused for ours.  We will resort to litigation in order to prevent infringement in online marketplaces.”

The travel brand will continue to vigorously enforce its intellectual property rights and monitor for threats to its award winning, patented designs.